Collection: F-REE Solar in Banff!

Yes, you can get a free 5000 W solar system in Banff, and for pretty cheap in the rest of the country! The government of Canada and the city of Banff respectively offer 1000$ and 750$ per 1000W of solar installed, totaling 8750$ for a 5 kW system. The Canadian grant is limited to 5000$ for 5000W while the city of Banff limits it to 15 000$ and 20 000W.

How to proceed:

1: Send your floorplans/blueprints including your roof to We will determine if your roof is a good potential host for solar and will send you back the proposed plans. 

2: Have your house inspected by a Canadian Energy Expert using this link (the cost of the inspection is also refunded by the Government of Canada)

3: (For Banff Only) Apply for a Banff Development Permit using this link. The city of Banff is very pro solar and waives the permit fees when you apply for solar panels!

4: (For Banff Only) Apply for a Banff Building Permit here

5: Purchase the F-REE Solar Setup and install it on your house following our guidelines and your local electrical code. Feel free to inquire about larger systems or integration with generators. 

6: Book a post-retrofit inspection from a Canadian Energy Expert and get your money back!

At every step of the process, feel free to reach out to us if you have questions. We are in close contact with the city of Banff and can help you iron out the details of your applications. 

 Useful Links: 

The Canada Greener Homes Initiative

The Banff Solar Incentive Program