/// About us!

Founded in 2020, REE Solar sprang from the real-life challenges and adventures of an engineer who lived off the grid in his van for over 1,000 days. This wasn't just a prolonged camping trip; it was an immersive research and development phase that would lay the foundation for our company. We started with a clear mission: to simplify solar power, making it accessible, safe, and hassle-free for everyone.

Our journey began with a firsthand realization of the existing barriers in solar technology. The market was flooded with components like chargers, batteries, solar panels, and connectors that just didn't play well together. This complexity wasn't just a nuisance; it was a roadblock for many aspiring to adopt solar power. The feedback from the community was unanimous—setting up a solar system was daunting, often requiring extensive knowledge and patience.

Our founder's experiences, coupled with the insights gained from interviewing over 75 individuals about their DIY solar setups, painted a vivid picture of the landscape. The average person was spending around 50 hours on their solar setup, only to end up with systems that were sometimes inefficient and, more worryingly, unsafe. Over 30% of the setups we evaluated had significant safety issues, including loose connections, bad wiring, energy demands exceeding equipment ratings, and poor ventilation. These weren't just statistics; they were a call to action.

At REE Solar, we took these challenges head-on. We've managed to cut down the setup time to just 10-20 hours, depending on the complexity of the project. This leap forward was made possible by our commitment to:

  • Pre-Tested Intercompatibility: Every component in our kits is designed to work seamlessly together, reducing setup times and eliminating the frustration often associated with solar projects.
  • Empowering Support: We back our products with detailed installation guides, instructional videos, and a customer support team that speaks your language—literally and figuratively. We're here to make sure your journey to solar power is supported every step of the way.
  • Uncompromising Safety: Recognizing the potential hazards of solar installations, we've prioritized safety in every aspect of our product design. Our kits are built not only to empower but to protect, ensuring a safe and efficient solar setup.

We're more than a company; we're a community of enthusiasts, dreamers, and realists who believe in the power of renewable energy. Our goal is to bring solar power into the mainstream, making it a viable and safe option for vanners, homeowners, and anyone ready to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

As REE Solar continues to grow, our mission remains the same: to demystify solar energy and make it as easy and safe as possible for everyone to harness the power of the sun. We invite you to join us in this mission, to take a step towards a more sustainable future with REE Solar by your side.

Welcome to the family. Welcome to REE Solar – where we're simplifying solar, one setup at a time.