/// Alex & Megan @roamlndr

Alex and Megan, two millennials driven by wanderlust and a love for adventure, embarked on a life of exploration by moving into a van together. Alex, originally from Duncan, British Columbia, developed an early appreciation for the outdoors, having spent his childhood in the natural surroundings of Vancouver Island. This early exposure laid the groundwork for his lifelong passion for nature and the serenity found in vast landscapes. Megan, hailing from North Vancouver, came to appreciate the outdoors later, despite being raised in a region known for its breathtaking nature. She embraced camping and hiking in her later years and has since become adept at living on the road, making the most of extended trips across British Columbia, Yukon, and Alberta. Her love for cooking translates into crafting unique and flavorful dishes during their travels.

In their quest for a sustainable lifestyle on the road, Alex and Megan initially opted for a substantial REE Solar electrical setup. However, their first season revealed the need for a more space-efficient solution. With guidance from Phil at REE Solar, they decided to downsize some of the solar components to accommodate other essential items for their journey, embracing the philosophy that less is more. This strategic adjustment has allowed them to balance their energy needs with the practicalities of life on the road.

The couple has two vehicles that support their adventurous lifestyle: Thomas, a 1988 Toyota pickup, restored and upgraded for challenging terrains and extended wilderness stays, and Betty, a 2006 Chevy Express 2500, which has become their cherished mobile home. Despite initial reservations about Betty's suitability for their nomadic life, Alex has come to appreciate the van's role in their travels, with aspirations to drive it to South America's southernmost point. Together, Alex and Megan continue to seek out new experiences, aiming to expand their understanding of the world through their adventures.