/// Toyota World Runners

Toyota World Runners is a project by Matthew and Stacey, who share a passion for adventure, storytelling, and vintage Toyota trucks. They embarked on this journey with the idea of creating content that inspires and connects with a community of like-minded adventurers. Their adventures are centered around their innovative project, the world's first Land Cruiser Chinook, completed in a challenging 100 days.

Matthew and Stacey's backgrounds, rooted in Vancouver Island, have shaped their love for the outdoors and adventure. They aim to inspire others to follow their dreams and explore the world. Their journey is also about the community they've built, a gathering of individuals who share a love for adventure, honest living, and, notably, old Toyota trucks.

The couple decided to use of REE Solar equipment for their electrical needs because of its simplicity, high serviceability and the high-touch customer service

Toyota World Runners is for those who are passionate about Toyota 4x4s, adventure, and the stories that come from exploring the unknown. Matthew and Stacey's journey is a source of inspiration for anyone looking to make their dream of adventure a reality, showcasing that with determination, creativity, and the right equipment, the world is truly yours to explore.