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12V USB Charger with Voltage Indicator

12V USB Charger with Voltage Indicator

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This little USB charger is a must have in your camper to keep your phone charged at night. The displayed voltage is a great way to see if you solar panels are charging and estimating how empty of full your battery is. A convenient On/Off button allows you to stop electronics from continuously using the battery without disconnecting them (wireless phone chargers, radios etc...)

A common use of this product is to have one as a replacement of the original 12v outlet connected to the starting battery and one at the back connected to the deep-cycle battery. This allow for a continuous monitoring of the state of charge of both your batteries. The blue light is more suited for visibility in strong lighting (front area of the vehicle during the day) and the red light version in darker areas not to disturb night vision (sleeping area). You can also close the rubber lid at all times to block the light. 

  • Comes with a 2 year warranty.
  • Includes crimp-ready connectors
  • Stand-by voltage usage when on is around 100 mA (1 Ah every 10 hour)
  • Stand-by voltage usage when off is 0 mA 

**Rare Earth Elements is a Québec-based company and was founded with the mission of making lithium-based energy affordable for camper and cottage applications.**

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A few questions we often get

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I want to get a solar system for my camper/home: where do I start?

90% of our customers end up with one of our kits: they are versatile, balanced and cost-efficient. If you still think you might want to customize certains aspects of your system, the easiest way is to call or email us!

I see your prices are lower than most other brands, why is that so?

There are a couple reasons. REE is an extremely lean business: our team does everything in-house. That includes design, engineering, storage, handling, social media mgmt, taxes, BD etc. We don't hire expensive external consultant like most other companies. We also work directly with the largest factories and research centers in the world to ensure the best consistency and reliability while cutting out the middle man. On top of that, we barely run any ads anywhere and rely on word-of-mouth diffusion to grow our business, which has worked well for us so far.