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AFS Fuse Holder w/ 2 x 60A Fuses

AFS Fuse Holder w/ 2 x 60A Fuses

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After testing several models of fuses, we ended up determining the best and safest in-line circuit breakers out there are the tried and true melting fuses! Their amperage can be adjusted by changing the fuse and they do not require crimping for connection. They also boast the smallest form factor! They come with screws for wall mounting.

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I want to get a solar system for my camper/home: where do I start?

90% of our customers end up with one of our kits: they are versatile, balanced and cost-efficient. If you still think you might want to customize certains aspects of your system, the easiest way is to call or email us!

I see your prices are lower than most other brands, why is that so?

There are a couple reasons. REE is an extremely lean business: our team does everything in-house. That includes design, engineering, storage, handling, social media mgmt, taxes, BD etc. We don't hire expensive external consultant like most other companies. We also work directly with the largest factories and research centers in the world to ensure the best consistency and reliability while cutting out the middle man. On top of that, we barely run any ads anywhere and rely on word-of-mouth diffusion to grow our business, which has worked well for us so far.